DAISO – IT GIRL Matte Crayon Lipstick – #キス持ちローズ / Kiss Mochi Rose

The most wallet friendly brand in Japan, Daiso, has a new line that launched this year which is IT GIRL. They launched so many cosmetics since the start of the year and everything is oh so exciting! They were also able to improve the quality of their products to the point that some of their products have entered the rankings here in Japan, fighting bigger brands in the industry.

Where did I bought this, how much, and availability? I bought this from Daiso. This cost ¥100 (tax not included). This is only available on Daiso and I am not sure if they sell it outside Japan.

How is the packaging and container? The packaging is really cute with its pastel pink and blue combination. But it is obvious that it is cheap because of the plastic packaging that is super easy to open. The container is just the usual type that we see on other average class crayon lipstick.

What are the ingredients? Dimethicone, octyldodecanol, tri (caprylic / capric) glyceryl, polyisobutene, polyethylene, microcrystalline wax, talc, candelilla wax, silica, dimethylsilylated silica, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, caprylyl glycol, lecithin, polyhydroxystearin Acid, tocopherol acetate, isopropyl myristate, ethylhexyl palmitate, isostearic acid, polyglyceryl polyricinoleate, 3 BHT, benzoic acid, (+/-), titanium oxide, red 104 (1), red 202, red 201, red 218 ・ Red 231 ・ Yellow 4 ~ see the information of ingredients here: http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_8ba3472303.html

(Left) One swipe (Right) Several swipes

How is the coverage? This crayon lipstick had exceeded my expectation. The quality is excellent and much better than some of the drugstore crayon lipsticks. You can get enough product in just one swipe. The coverage is excellent!

What is the finish and texture? It is commercialized as a matte lipstick but this is only a semi-matte. It has a creamy texture.

Is it transfer-proof and water-proof? It is not transfer-proof, but it is water-proof.

How is the finish? It is beautiful! My lips was flaky and dry but it doesn’t accentuate those. There is also no bleeding.

Is it easy to use? Yes, it was easy to use. The color immediately transfers and glides smoothly. The product is equally distributed on my lips.

Does it have a scent or a taste? It has almost no scent and has no taste.

Was it comfortable? Yes, it is. This is my first ¥100 lipstick that feels luxurious on the lips. It really does. No weird sensations, no heat, no tingling, mo irritations and almost felt nothing. It felt the same as my ¥3000 lipstick.

Was it still good after eating and drinking? Yes, it was! I was impressed when I saw that it was still good after eating oatmeal & chips. It transferred a little when I drank on the cup but nevertheless, it was still good.

After eating & drinking

Is it easy to remove? Yes, it is. It can be easily removed by micellar water.